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Jared 1A2

Jared 1A2

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The model kit (Jared 1A2) comprises of 65 parts and upon assembly, it reaches a height of approximately 34mm. With 36 points of articulation, it allows for intricate and lifelike posing. Additionally, the hand-held weapons are interchangeable among various Jared variations.

Jared 1A2 is the second iteration of the Jared 1A1 robot developed by ANT Corp. It boasts a ranged attack and melee combat system, along with a shield and other defensive mechanisms that enhance its defensive capabilities.
Additionally, the variant is equipped with armor plates on the shoulder, chest, and hips to improve combat survivability. The flexible wrist design enables complex melee maneuvers, providing the pilot with greater confidence and control in battle.

Easy snap-fit assembly
Full body articulation for posing

Height: 34mm
Scale: 1:130
Number of parts: 65
Number of articulation points: 36

Model kit
Scale human figure
Digital instructions for building

All parts are printed with the most advanced laser 3D printing technology.
All parts are designed to be assembled together without any adhesive.
Some small parts may require tools such as tweezer for assembling.
Assembling with an easy to follow instruction.

Choking hazards! Small pieces, not for children under 3 years old.

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