3D printed articulated miniature
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My name is Linghan Bai, I am a medical doctor living in Australia.

I have always been fascinated by anatomical structure and robotic mechanism, I love their shape and form and how parts fit together to create complex and functional structure.

The creation of Neurobota is my attempt to marry these two worlds, using my anatomical knowledge and self taught mechanical skill. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.                                                                    




The idea of Neurobota is to create a material representation of mechanical life forms of various structure and mechanisms that evolve over time.

Robots, like natural life forms, take different shapes and forms. On the other hand, unlike the living organisms, robots have unique joint system to combine different body parts together, which give them distinct look and behavior. Neurobota is a unique mechanical life form, exploring the endless possibilities through artificial evolution.

During design and prototype stage, great effort has been put into making all the joints of the same type compatible, and different body parts made of these joints can be swapped between different Neurobotas. Sometimes this combination can create interesting and unique results, e.g., humanoid torso mounted on a lower body of an insect like quadruped through a universal waist joint.