Era of Neurobota

In the groundbreaking year of 2149, Professor Sun and his visionary team unveiled the Advanced Brain Machine Interface (ABMI), a revolutionary technology that marked a paradigm shift in human-machine interaction. This ingenious biomechanical interface allowed neurons to seamlessly control non-organic systems, laying the foundation for a transformative leap in robotics.

Building upon the ABMI breakthrough, the Neurobota emerged as a remarkable category of robots. These cutting-edge machines were ingeniously controlled by human pilots through implants based on the ABMI technology. Unlike conventional robotic systems, Neurobota offered an unprecedented level of integration with the human mind, enabling pilots to transcend traditional boundaries and command the robots with the precision of thought.

The essence of Neurobota, with its dual focus on advanced biomechanics and neural control, not only revolutionized battle scenarios but also found applications in various fields, from hazardous environment exploration to intricate surgical procedures. This unprecedented level of agility and adaptability marked a pivotal shift in the landscape of human-robot collaboration, where the boundaries between the biological and the artificial began to blur, paving the way for a new era of technological evolution.

Features of Neurobota Model Kits

  • Lifelike Flexibility

    The Neurobota model can be positioned in any conceivable pose upon assembly.

  • Interchangebility

    Weapons and equipment are interchangeable across various Neurobota models.

  • Small Scale

    The models are 3D printed at a 1:130 scale with intricate details, and stand at a mere 1.5 inch in height.