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Otis M1

Otis M1

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In the year 2154, MicroSystems introduced the Otis M1, a bipedal assault robot crafted with compact yet potent technology. It draws inspiration from early prototypes of the Advanced Bipedal Platform (ABP). The Otis M1 boasts key features, including a duo of Wilson P01S plasma guns for offensive capabilities, a Caltex Super Sense XD022 field scanner for enhanced situational awareness, and a Pell AeroSystems M3000 solid-propellant rocket pack for agile maneuverability.

Snap fit assembling
Full body articulation

Height: 26 mm
Scale: 1:130
Parts count: 50
Articulation point: 27

Model kit
Scale human
Building instruction

All parts are printed with the most advanced laser 3D printing technology.
All parts are designed to be assembled together with the need of any adhesive.
Some small parts may require tools such as tweezer for assembling.
Assembling with an easy to follow instruction.

Choking hazards! Small pieces, not for children under 3 years old.

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