Message from the Creator

At nine, animation like Transformers and Macross ignited my love for robots. Financial constraints limited the amount of toys I had, so armed with pen and paper, I sketched my own transformers and designed robotic figures for many years. While industrial design or engineering seemed fitting, I followed my family's footsteps into Western medicine at university. Yet, my love for robot sketching persisted, with anatomy courses shaping the articulation of humanoid designs.

Self-taught in 3D software, I transformed paper designs into realistic computerized 3D objects. This hobby took a new turn with the discovery of 3D printing technology. The realization that I could turn my designs into tangible objects was exhilarating. After months of testing, a functional prototype emerged, birthing a series of robots named Neurobota. The joy of designing and 3D printing propelled me to share this passion through Neurobota figurines.

What once started as a personal pursuit has evolved into a mission—a mission to share the joy of robotics with kindred spirits like you. To those who have chosen Neurobota, I extend my deepest gratitude. May these mechanical marvels, born from the dreams of a determined 9-year-old, bring boundless joy and inspiration to your world.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Linghan Bai