3D printed articulated miniature
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$10.99 USD
  • Made with advanced laser 3D printing tech

  • Snap fit assembling

  • Fully articulated joint

  • Choking Hazard for kids under 3 yo

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Marvin is a first generation four-legged Neurobota, developed and manufactured by Novatech in 2152. Marvin is equipped with 2 light plasma guns, full spectral deep field sensors and a multi-spectral camouflage system. It is designed for supporting primary ground units and front line scouting.

  • Weight: 4.38 t 
  • Height: 3.59 m 
  • Armor: Carbon-Titanium 
  • Engine: Multi-fuel hybrid 
  • Year: 2152 
  • Company: Novatech
  • Cost: $3.37 million EC