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Introducing new Class A Neurobota

Class A Neurobota news

In this new series, 8 class A Neurobotas will be released:

A1 Spark         A2 Bulldog       A3 Badger

A4 Drak           A5 Bluefire       A6 Funnelweb

A7 Darts          A8 Possum


Class A Neurobota, were initially developed for the military as a light mobile weapons platform and for use in training new Neurobota pilots. The designs prove extremely successful and they were scheduled to be deployed for reconnaissance and patrol duties before military funding ceased. Since the introduction of the Neurobota Combat Leagues these readily affordable and reliable designs have proven to be popular for both mercenaries and semi-professional tournament pilots.

The Class A Neurobota designs are equipped with a wide variety of light yet powerful weapon system. They are both faster and more agile in close combat than the heavier designs.


Weapon system:

Class A Neurobota can equip level 1(L1) and level 0 (L0) weapons. Some designs have also been heavily modified to allow the installation of a single Level 2 (L2) weapon.


Joint system:

Class A Neurobota primarily use size 1 joints, though size 2 joints are used for the waist joint and certain torso section connections.



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